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At the long end of the night it was always one of the last things we always said going home, and yet it was never the last... 'another one for the road...?', always gave us the longest exit strategy for leaving so in the end we may as well make it a good one..or several.... 

"another one for the road"..? - your mate

We're situated above Glebes BED bar and we're going to stay as long as we can. With 13 years into the hospitality industry, a menu that caters to the strange and one off oddities.... Because ... why not..?

A small and strong back bar selection to tickle almost every fancy from single release whiskies, rare unusual gins, mezcal for the dedicated and mystery spirits that will intrigue or stop the most curious minds ...

With ​the location it comes with a nightly entertainment provided by Glebes Bed bar and more shows to come in future with small performance acts, comedy shows and trivia..!

We are here and its going to be a fun night out every time with us here at AOFTR.

With special drinks menu's made for parties to custom bespoke drinks on the fly, we've got you covered for the start or final stage of the night..!


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AOFTR - Brush Strokes.png

Make a Reservation

Please contact us via the phone or email for bookings. We look forward to hearing from you about any other events we can cater to.

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